Post Pandemic: 5 changes we need to make

1. Cleaner greener cities .

In 2019 in Europe alone over 370,000 people died prematurely due to air pollution. The fact that these kinds of stats aren’t a bigger scandal simply owes to the fact such things have become normalized . In fact as recently as 1990 it was over 600,000. However we need to view it as the urgent health crisis that it is . We need to wherever possible pedestrianize cities , improve public transport, and expand parks and green areas . Plant trees wherever possible and transition to city centres without cars. The end result would not only be safer cities but more liveable ones too . Win win

2. Encourage work from home where possible.

Many companies and people themselves prefer working from home and saving time not having to commute to busy traffic etc . Working from home means less congested traffic which means less pollution. It also means people are free to move more rural if they want as they don’t need to be within the sprawling orbit of a big city to get to work . To encourage the transition, Government subsidies and new legislation requiring higher pay for Home Office to cover expenses like electricity needs to be brought in .

3. Reduce the working week

The fact that a 40 hour working week is still standard in this day and age beggars belief. Technology which is supposed to allow humans to work less has skyrocketed but we are still working the same 40 hour week for over 60 years . A reduced working week would be hugely beneficial to the environment with less commuting , to the well being and health of the population and most of all to children who get more much needed time with their parents. The introduction of a 4 day week could be the first step in a long term plan to reduce working hours.

4. Invest heavily in public health

As the Corona crisis has shown many health services were ill prepared due to years of underfunding. What’s needed going forward is an overhaul of how we see public health with massive investment in hospitals and community health services needed but also in public health initiatives to encourage sports and healthy eating in a more holistic and all encompassing approach to public health .

5.Create jobs with a modern green public works program

With the massive inevitable economic shifts post Covid and with high unemployment and small business closures inevitable Governments need to establish new green public employment schemes with new meaningful fulfilling jobs in local communities working on greening and environmental projects in particular. Community gardens and Parks can be built , new playgrounds and interactive hiking trails . New bike path, reforestation projects etc. The list is endless of hugely necessary and beneficial things that we need to do in societies. What’s needed is just the political will to do it .

In summary post Covid we have an opportunity to build a world that is cleaner, fairer and more enjoyable to live in than before.